Panel lock strike 7/16″ (Standard) bag of (50)

Panel lock strike 7/16″ (Standard) bag of (50)


Panel lock strike 7/16″ (Standard) bag of (50)

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These are our standard panel lock strikes (Female) which are used with our panel lock hooks (Male). They are used with 3/4″ material for a tight connection.

NOTE: Our standard panel locks are designed to be used in panels where two 3/4″ thick stiles are being locked together for a total thickness of 1 1/2″. The 7/16 referenced with the strikes refers to the offset of the pin and does not refer to material thickness.

Note: Some plywood is slightly under 3/4″. When using undersized plywood we recommend using our spacer plates under the strike for a tighter joint. Spacers are optional.
Sold bag of (50)

For Installation Instructions on installing these latch sets click HERE

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