About Us

About Display Innovations

Very few people outside of the exhibit industry understand the unique needs encountered in the exhibit design and production process. For most companies, when they produce a product it is packed, loaded onto trucks and shipped away. They do not ship their product with the expectation that it will be coming back. This is just the beginning of the difference that makes the exhibit industry unique. In the exhibit industry, when we build and ship a product, we want and expect that product to return. These processes of building components that can be dismantled, ship to a show, be reassembled safely and efficiently, dismantled and then return to the shop without damage have many challenges. At Display Innovations we understand these challenges.

Put it together, take it apart, repeat. This process requires a variety of special fasteners and products not readily available through the average supplier. To help with this need we have researched different manufacturers and suppliers to bring these products together and make them available to the builder. Several of these products are manufactured specifically for Display Innovations and not available any place else. Our panel lock hook is one of these items. Other products we order in large quantity and have produced either domestically if possible or overseas if a domestic solution is not available. We believe in supporting our local economy and whenever possible we order from domestic manufacturers.

"If I order it today can I get it yesterday?" Not quite there yet but we try. We understand that the builders can't build if they don't have the parts. We keep a lot of our key products packaged for quick ship for same day processing and shipment. We ship a LOT of product overnight air, next day delivery. Show dates are fixed and we all do what we have to do to get the project out the door on time.

Our History

Display Innovations has been in business since 1983 supplying panel locks and a variety of specialty products to tradeshow exhibit builders, museum display builders and theater set builders. The company was originally founded by Jay Libby who also had a long history in the exhibit building industry. Jay owned and ran the company until July 2009 when Jay was killed in a tragic accident. The loss of Jay left the company vulnerable and its future uncertain. At that time John Geisler who had worked with Jay and the company in the early '80's stepped in to rescue the company. John purchased the company and continues to serve its customers.

Our Customer Service

Our goal is to continue serving this unique industry by providing the products it needs and the best customer service possible. To accomplish this we start with the ordering process. Orders can be placed by phone, fax, e-mail or online. To place an order by phone, call our 800 number and you will be greeted by Rick. For those customers who don't already know, Rick suffered a massive stroke in early 2009 that left him partially paralyzed. While this ended his previous career, it made him a great addition to our customer service department. Call Rick, place an order, ask questions, chat a bit if you want, he's here to help.

Our Process

When a phone, fax or e-mail order is received it is immediately entered into the system and a Sales Order confirmation is produced. This confirmation is then e-mailed back to the contact to confirm we have your order.

Orders are processed same day and an e-mail is sent with the UPS tracking number and order information as soon as it is processed. We know how important it is with tight time frames to know where your order is and when to expect it.

As soon as the order is processed for shipment and you receive the tracking information, we process the invoice. A copy of the invoice is converted to PDF and e-mailed to our contact. If the order is paid with a credit card, the invoice and receipt are e-mailed. We want to get the billing information in your hands as quickly as possible. We understand that for many of our customers in order to bill a job all the expenses need to be accounted for and entered into the job cost. We make every effort to provide this information as quickly as possible so there are no delays on our end. In addition to the PDF by e-mail, the hard copies are also sent by mail.

Online Orders

Nearly everyone is familiar with ordering online and many find it an easy way to buy product. We have made every effort to make our website an easy and user friendly site. We hope you find this a helpful tool to make your selection and ordering process as easy as possible. The e-commerce portion is still new so if you find a glitch or something you would like to see different, let us know, we are still improving every way we can.

One of the key differences with our site from other e-commerce sites is the account set up. We are a business to business wholesale company and are not focused on individuals as most sites are. All of our accounts are based on the "Company" and not the "User". This makes a difference when synchronizing with our accounting software.

For those that still like their paper, when an order is placed and confirmed you have the option of printing a hardcopy report from the confirmation screen. As soon as the order is completed you should receive an e-mail with your order information and confirmation. From this point on the process is the same as above for UPS confirmation, e-mailed invoice, etc.

It's about you

You're the customer, we're the supplier, it's about you. We'll do our best to get you your product on time, your paperwork on time and anything else we can do to make your job easier.